Duplicate Suppliers, How to avoid and get rid of, if they are already there

Oracle maintains uniqueness among suppliers with Supplier Numbers. It is possible that one supplier exist in the system with two similar names. For example, the Supplier name ‘ABC and Co’ can also be entered as ‘ABC & Co.’ Special care should be taken to maintain suppliers so that there should be no duplicate.

Here are some guidelines to avoid Supplier duplication
1. A Supplier Registration process should be used and every supplier should be entered in the system after filling out a Supplier Registration process. This process may involve some paper-based form that should be signed by responsible stakeholders. If the same supplier is already registered, it will be identified. Supplier Tax No etc. should be used to find out if it is already registered.
2. Some naming convention should be used to avoid Duplicate Suppliers.
3. One special desk or unit alone should be responsible for Supplier entry. All other areas such as Procurement, Payables and Payment processing units etc. should be given access to Supplier Inquiry screen only.
Removing duplicate can result in benefits such as
1. Avoiding duplicate invoices
2. Accurate supplier reporting
3. Improvements in system performance
To find Duplicate suppliers, you can do the following
1. Run the ‘Supplier Report’. You can use parameter Include Site Information to ‘No’ to see a cleaner report with supplier information only.
2. Run the ‘Supplier Audit Report’ with some matching length say 15 and find out any duplicate suppliers that have first 15 characters matching.
3. Run the ‘1099 Suppliers Exception Report’ to find out which suppliers have the same Tax ID number.
If you have already some duplicate POs in the system, do not worry, Oracle has a way to get rid of those POs. There is a feature called Supplier Merge that merges two suppliers into one. Depending on settings used, it can merge all existing POs/Invoices from that vendor such that these will be merged to be from one vendor only. Be careful, this process is irreversible. You cannot un-merge the merged Suppliers into 2 suppliers again.
In order to merge the suppliers, please follow as below
Switch to Payables Responsibility and navigate to SuppliersMerge

1. Select all, unpaid or none for invoices,
a. All for all invoices
b. Unpaid for outstanding invoices only
c. None if you do not want to merge suppliers on existing invoices and want to use new supplier for future invoices only.
2. Check PO checkbox to merge suppliers on PO as well.
3. Select the From Supplier and the site (This is the extra supplier needs to be merged).
4. Select the To Supplier and site (This is the original Supplier, which you want to keep).
5. Click ‘Copy Site’ to copy the site in the original supplier if it does not exists.
6. Click on merge Button. It will run a process to merge all duplicate suppliers mentioned into one supplier.