Linear Programming Models: Oracle Strategic Network Optimization is the Answer

Remember those Linear Programming Problems in College? We used to find an optimized solution based on certain constraints. Some of the popular methods of solving these were Graphical, Simplex and Big-M Method. Also, there were software programs available to minimize the computation efforts.

Oracle Strategic Network Optimization (SNO) is an object oriented simulation tool that enables you to model and optimize your supply chain network, from obtaining raw materials through delivering end products. It enables you to solve a wide range of production, distribution and planning problems. It can determine when and where to close or open facilities and production lines, and whether to manufacture in-house or outsource. It can help in developing various ‘what if ‘ scenarios to can optimize plans by performing a variety of detailed analyses including expected profit, new market, marketing promotions, materials and finished goods sourcing, and inventory builds.
The Solver is based on the algorithms used for solving LPP problems. It balances the conflicting objectives and limitations of supply, production, and distribution in the model and determines how to meet demand with the least cost or with the most profit.
SNO comes in two flavours: The integrated version and the Standalone version. The integrated versions are 8.12, 8.12.1 8.12.2 (under development with environmental enhancements etc) while the standalone version is 9.
If you are looking for a tool to optimize your supply chain, this is the product to look out for!