Data analytics enable auditors to do more with less

Data analytics has the potential to simplify, streamline and accelerate your audit processes. But while the majority of auditors realize the importance of analytics, few have made the leap to actually using it regularly.

Neocortex’s strong analytics expertise combined with our intimate understanding of business and audit processes can help you leverage data analytics to give you previously untapped insights in the following areas:

IT Audit


Data Extractions & Large Data Set Analytics

Application Configuration Controls

Transaction Controls

Interfaces/Middle Controls & Monitoring

Fraud Detection & Forensics

Access Management & SOD

GRC Implementation

Continuous Auditing & Monitoring


You already have the data. We will help you find, organize, analyze and use it to improve your audit processes. It’s as simple as that.

Your enterprise data is there, just waiting to be tapped. The problem is that it comes from different sources and in a variety of formats. This, coupled with the sheer volume involved—millions of invoices and records simply cannot be examined using traditional manual methods—can make data analysis a challenge.

This is where we come in.

Our experienced team has both the analytics expertise and an intimate familiarity with business processes to help you:

Identify patterns and anomalies

Conduct comprehensive analysis of transactional data

Ensure accuracy of audit assessments; back it with facts

Complement your audit process to make it more effective and efficient

Our Practice Areas

Internal Audit

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Business Processes

Plan to Manufacture Managing Supply Chain

Quote to Cash Managing Customers

Procure to Pay Managing Vendors

Hire to Retire Managing Employees

Record to Report Managing Financials

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